Once upon a time, there was a family whose dad would come home after a long day and grill amazing meals for them every single day. With delicious food and a loving father, a love of BBQ began to grow within them. The power of food and youthful memories was what drove both of the owners toward a passion of BBQ. By creating a strong connection between BBQ, family, and inspiration, Not Just Q was born.

Meet The Founders Of Not Just Q

As the owners of Not Just Q, we had an early passion for BBQ instilled in us. Due to our fathers and their own love of BBQ, we decide to follow in their footsteps. With the inspiration that settled in us during our youth, we wanted to play out a tribute to our fathers by becoming involved in the BBQ pursuit. This combined desire to cook BBQ was what bonded us and, in turn, gravitated us to learn more about the craft. This bond with each other and our fathers is what was the beginning steps toward starting a company that offers the best BBQ in the Dallas area. Additionally, the joy we both feel for our bond with our family, as well as our fathers, allows us to cook BBQ with passion and love.

The Story Behind Our Company

Chef Eric, one of our owners, and his sister were raised by a single father who worked hard all day long. When he came home from work, he’d whip up a delicious meal on the grill. Due to the ability to work hard at home and at his job, Chef Eric’s father felt proud of each of the great meals he was able to provide his family from the grill. This pride showed both Chef Eric and his sister that they could provide tasty food to people who have a love for eating great food. What really struck out to Chef Eric was his love of food and people that go hand-in-hand. Because of what his father harbored during his youth, this inspired Chef Eric to want to pursue the expertise of the grill.

Due to this drive and love, we make sure to pour those two things into each item that comes through their grill.

The Origins Of Our Name

The name Not Just Q comes from the simple fact that we’re not your everyday BBQ joint. We’re so much more than just regular ol’ BBQ. Our name states exactly what we are and it doesn’t take more than a sample for us to prove it to you.

Not Just Q is a BBQ joint that goes above and beyond any joint in your area. With a menu full of handmade food and delicious home cooked sauces, Not Just Q has been able to fill the bellies of each and every customer who comes to us for an event or just because they love BBQ. We cater BBQ for big, medium, and small events. If you have a love of BBQ, then we encourage you to book our catering company, so you can have an event that’s filled with laughter and delicious food. When you book our BBQ catering company for your special event, we’ll cook up some high-quality food – all handmade. With competitive pricing and a selection of BBQ cooked by a master chef that’s hard to beat, you’ll be getting compliments about the food for years to come.