Texas barbeque is nothing to be taken lightly. Learn the best smoking tips and tricks for the ultimate BBQ.

The smell of barbeque is to Texas as the orange blossoms are to Florida — abundantly fragrant. People love to barbeque, and thanks to good year-round weather in Dallas, it can happen in almost every season.

If you’re looking for the best BBQ in Dallas and don’t want to prep for it tonight, Not Just Q is your BBQ dinner solution. Give us a call and find out where we’re located and enjoy tender brisket and ribs tonight. In the meantime, learn the best BBQ tips for your next gathering!

BBQ Tips You Can Only Get From a Texan

Cooking and crafting BBQ food is an art, and everyone you ask (in Texas), will have a different technique or secret ingredient that makes the best meat. Below are a couple of tried and true tips and techniques.

Choose your heat source.

Most every BBQ joint will agree, never use a gas grill for barbeque. With many options available such as charcoal, split logs, and woods chips, you’ll want to forego the gas option. So, why not gas? First of all, a propane grill isn’t conducive to what makes barbeque so heavenly: the “low and slow” cooking method. The other big factor? The smoke in and of itself is a part of what makes BBQ so delicious — smoke is a crucial ingredient to infuse flavor deep into the meat. If you don’t have a good, flavorful smoke, the meat is immediately lacking a complex flavor profile.

Choose your wood.

Opt to cook with wood chips or chunks. Adding wood to smoke creates a distinct flavor, one which varies based on the wood you select. Some of the favorites are wood from fruit trees such as apple, cherry, and even peach. Wood from fruit trees also has a different flavor profile because they are high in sap and milder in flavor. More commonly here in Texas, you’ll see BBQ joints using options like hickory or oak. Here at Not Just Q, we only use post oak wood for the rich flavor profile it provides. 

Immerse your wood chips in water before adding to the coals.

An overlooked BBQ tip is to soak your wood chips in water the night before. This helps the wood burn more slowly and better infuse your meat throughout the barbeque process. The higher water content produces more smoke, which adds more flavor.

Give your meat room to breathe.

If you’re planning on cooking large quantities of meat, such as a couple of 10-pound briskets, you need to ensure the meat can breathe. Proper air circulation is key — it can’t touch the sides of the grill and needs to have enough space around to cook properly and let the smoke infuse.  

Let the rub work its magic!

A good dry rub plays an important role in barbecuing. The interaction of spices, salt, sugar, heat, and smoke helps form a flavor-rich, protective outer layer around the meat. Want to know how your delicious BBQ stays so juicy? The answer lies in the rub as well as the low and slow smoking. 

Let the meat rest.

It’s enticing to carve up meat right after it’s done because the smell is so heavenly, but just give it a minute! Let your meat rest for at least 10 minutes after you pull it from the heat so the juices can set and make your BBQ experience even more delicious.

There are many tips and techniques for crafting the perfect BBQ and the above tips are just the beginning. Get smoking today and have the best BBQ ready for your next gathering!

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