Every business needs food trucks at lunch, specially catered with the best BBQ ribs in Dallas!

Food trucks are no longer a food trend — they are a dining staple. From BBQ and wood-fired pizza to vegan and gluten-free fare, food trucks do not disappoint!

At Not Just Q, we offer the best barbeque local to the Dallas area, so you can grab mouthwatering ribs or brisket on your lunch break! Not that you need convincing, but if you’re looking for a way to spice up catering, our BBQ food truck may be the answer! Here’s what makes food truck catering stand out: 

Food Truck Catering

Food trucks are essentially a restaurant on wheels that travels from venue to venue offering people food options that they might not normally find during noon on a Monday. They are a good way to spice up lunch catering, especially when you need to feed large groups. 

Food trucks offer convenience.

Sometimes you want to eat great food with friends, but you don’t want to drive all the way across town in lunchtime traffic to get your favorite BBQ. Enter the convenience of food trucks! Food trucks come to your location which saves you more time to spend with your friends and enjoy delicious food. If you have a large group to feed, the Not Just Q team can handle the crowds with our buffet-style lunch catering, but our food truck can add that extra element of fun. 

Food trucks build community.

The cool thing about food trucks is they travel, so while you may see them every Tuesday at your workplace, you may also see them at local food truck rally points. Food trucks are a part of the community, and as you visit them more frequently, it goes beyond just food. They are a friendly face and people you begin to connect with — this builds community and connection and soon you’re more than just a regular. The Not Just Q team occasionally brings our delicious barbecue to events across DFW. Connect with us on social media to see when we hit the road.

The food is amazing!

Food trucks offer unique food that you may not find in a restaurant. Because food trucks prepare food in smaller batches, their creativity can flourish. The day you visit your favorite BBQ food truck, they may have added a secret seasonal ingredient to the sauce or made a special side — exclusive to that day. The food is prepared fresh and is just as good as a restaurant, maybe better! If you’re looking for exciting catering options, ask about our catering menu options. With Not Just Q, you don’t need to bring out the truck to enjoy amazing catering. 

Food trucks are fast!

No more rushing through your lunch hour or wasting extra time waiting for the staff to split bills and bring boxes, maximize your time at a food truck. Food trucks provide exceptionally fast service and are equipped to pump out orders fast! Get your food quickly and have more time to spend relaxing and enjoying the people you’re with. A catered lunchtime buffet is still going to be quicker, but bringing in a food truck is a fun way to add some extra fun. 

Add Not Just Q into your catering lineup!

If you love BBQ, chances are, most of the people you work with will too! Invite us out to your business, and give your employees the mouthwatering BBQ catering they’ll love! If you’re looking for a way to spice up your catering, ask about the possibility of bringing our BBQ food truck with us. Connect with us to learn more!