Because the best BBQ can be both healthy and delicious!

There is nothing better than the sights, sounds, and comfort of BBQ. BBQ brings people together — it’s a potent mix of freshly cooked food and friends!

BBQ, we know, is delicious which is why people will meet up at their neighborhood BBQ joint or make it a life’s quest to find the best barbeque around! So, why is there this idea that BBQ is unhealthy? With a few tweaks to your BBQ, you can enjoy it and feel great about what you’re eating!

At Not Just Q, we go beyond BBQ and select choice cut meats and pair them with handcrafted sauces for a mouthwatering experience. And, if you’re looking for healthier ways to enjoy our barbeque, join us in today’s post!

The best Dallas barbeque is about to get better!

BBQ Food Made Healthy

If you love frequenting your local BBQ joint but are worried about its impact on your waistline, don’t fret, there are many things you can do even when dining out.

To make dining out on BBQ healthier, consider the tips below!

Choose veggies as your sides.

The truth of the matter is, it’s not the meat that is making traditional BBQ food unhealthy, it’s the sides. With sides such as mac and cheese, baked beans, and mashed potatoes, these sides can pack in calories to your meal quickly. Instead, pack your plate with delicious veggies — some corn is fine, but focus on other offerings such as green beans.

Be discerning in your choices.

It’s true, you can have your cake and eat it too, sort of! Moderation is always a good habit to practice, so don’t make BBQ about going to complete extremes and gorging until you have to unbutton the top button on your pants! Instead, pace yourself and eat a couple bites of everything from brisket and ribs to cheesy corn and potato salad.

Build a healthy plate.

Build a healthier plate by first building it with the good stuff — healthy veggies and some grains — followed by protein and some sides. When you make it a habit of building a healthier plate, it’ll help you stick to better choices and make healthier decisions.

Opt for a dry rub or get your BBQ sauce on the side.

BBQ sauce is notorious for having fair amounts of sugar in it which can be disastrous to your healthy eating habits. To better control, the amount of sauce or sugar you consume in it, ask about a dry rub or get the meat without sauce. You can always get the sauce on the side, and put it on or dip it as desired.

Skip the extra carbs.

You often get rolls with your BBQ — make your meal instantly healthier by skipping the bread. Carbs will fill you up faster and leave less room for the really good stuff — the barbeque!

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