Meat, poultry, brisket, chicken, turkey, pork. There are many ways that you can refer to protein, but what’s the difference between all of them when it comes to BBQ? Obviously, you can tell the difference between fried chicken and a hamburger, but what about telling the difference between the meats that have a delicious BBQ sauce on them? What can you expect from BBQ chicken in comparison to brisket? In today’s blog, we’ll be diving into the differences between these meats when they have been barbecued. For further information on the items on our menu, contact us today.

What Meats Do We Offer?

Meat is something that humans have enjoyed for thousands of years. Since prehistoric times, humans have hunted and killed for food. While we don’t have to hunt or kill our food anymore — thanks to the butcher and grocery stores — we still do enjoy a piece of meat during a meal. Whether it’s bacon and sausage for breakfast, a deli sandwich for lunch, or some delicious BBQ for dinner, eating meat and poultry is something many people enjoy. However, when it comes to figuring out what BBQ meats you want for your catered event, it can be a bit hard. For that reason, we’re going to dive into the differences in meats when it comes to eating BBQ. Below are all the options that we offer, but which one do you want to serve to your guests?


Thick and juicy, this type of meat will not disappoint your guests or yourself when you take that first initial bite. Sausage is a tasty option if you enjoy eating pork. This meat is deliciously similar to hot dogs and bratwurst, but with a much more well-rounded taste. If you’re interested in purchasing sausage for your special event, then you can get it for $15 per pound or add it to your meat sampler. Additionally, we can add sausage into our tacos, which have a delicious cilantro slaw to really bring the flavors out.


Who doesn’t love turkey? While it might bring to mind Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, turkey can be a healthier option due to the impact of protein and amino acids. With one serving of turkey, you can get 65 percent of the daily recommended intake of protein. While turkey legs may be famous at fairs, when you eat this option in BBQ, you’ll wonder how you can go back to eating it prepared any other ways. If you’d like to purchase this meat option, it’s $17 per pound. You can also get this in tacos as well.


Slide off the bone ribs — how can you go wrong when choosing this option for your special event? Ribs are such an American staple when it comes to BBQ. You can’t go wrong when you add ribs to your menu. We have two different orders of ribs that you can take advantage of: a half is $15 and a full is $22. Either option will brighten your taste buds and fill yours and your guests’ stomachs. Made out of pork, these ribs are unmatched in the Dallas area.


If you just want to enjoy pork that’s not sausage or ribs, then we have you covered. BBQ pork can be one of the best options because while it’s a little more simple, it’s not any less delicious. Our pork is $15 per pound, which is one of our most cost-effective options. You can also add it into our tacos with cilantro slaw if you’d like to add a different element to your meal.


A beef option that we serve is brisket. For those who aren’t familiar with this delicious tender and pull-apart option, brisket is made from the lower chest of beef. It’s one of the beef primal cuts — there are nine — and it’s one of those dishes that differ internationally. Brisket can actually be traced back all the way to the Native Americans in southern Texas. It’s something that’s been in Texas culture for hundreds of years, which makes it a staple of deliciousness. Add a little Texan history to your catered event.


A favorite for many, chicken is something so many people enjoy, especially when it’s barbecued. Barbecue chicken is so delicious, especially when it’s grilled to perfection and is juicy enough to enjoy. Chicken can either come in a half pound or a full one. You can also get it in tacos or add it to your meat sampler.

Are you ready to enjoy some tasty BBQ at your special event? For more information, reach out to Not Just Q.