Good food is out there — sometimes it takes a little more digging to find a catering company perfect for your next event.

In part one, we looked at tips to help you better find a catering company that suits your needs — from word of mouth and being able to handle your event to finding a company that is invested and offers a robust contract.

At Not Just Q, we are the best BBQ catering company for your next event! If you’re still weeding through catering companies to find the one, join us in the second part of this series, and finally secure the food that will be featured. Here’s what makes Not Just Q the best BBQ catering around:

Even More Tips to Ensure the Best Catering 

You don’t want to end up with sub-par food at your Dallas-area event — you just don’t! Food, barbecue especially, is a large part of our Texas culture, so choosing the right catering company is imperative. Want to know what makes Not Just Q so great at catering? We help you plan a great event, including guiding you through these steps: 

Ask about the menu.

Oftentimes, catering companies have a standard menu but they’ll generally offer some wiggle room. A caterer should be flexible and provide different choices in the food they make and deliver customizable choices to clients. If you are holding a large event where there will be a variety of dietary preferences, ask about their vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free, or children menu options. At Not Just Q, we help you choose the variety and quantity of meats, sides, and every other detail to create the right menu for your event. 

Ask to taste the menu!

Tasting the menu is the best part of securing a catering company, so make sure the company you’re interested let’s you do so! After all, how will you know how amazing the food is without tasting it? Some people are apprehensive about asking for samples because they think it’s a hassle, but it’s important for both parties to know exactly what they’re getting into before the contract is signed. We know our BBQ is darn good, so come down to Not Just Q and try our options for yourself!

Consider the venue.

Before signing a contract with any catering company, even when their food is hands down the best in the city, consider what type of event you’re hosting. If you’re hosting a black-tie fundraiser with all the movers and shakers of Dallas, you may want to steer clear of an informal meal and more towards a plated China dinner. Similarly, if your wedding is in a barn, hiring a company with white-glove services and silver trays may not quite fit the environment.

The best thing to remember is to know your audience and the venue and choose what’s right for you — but don’t let the level of formality stop you from ordering food everyone will love. 

Don’t skirt around the hard stuff.

It can be difficult to navigate unforeseen circumstances, such as a cancellation, but it’s crucial to know their policies on unfortunate events. Find out the details about what happens if you have to cancel. Is your deposit refundable? What if the catering company has to cancel? What is their insurance strategy for you? Discuss the tough subjects just in case you have to figure out a plan B.

You’ll pick the right catering food truck with Not Just Q!   

When you partner with us, not only will you be swept off your feet with our mouthwatering BBQ, you’ll the best service in Dallas. Connect with us today and book your next event!