It’s the night before your wedding, so how do you want to spend your rehearsal dinner? Of course, you’ll want to have some fun and what better way to have a great time than taking advantage of catering services that make your life easier and your tummy full? Not Just Q is happy to do rehearsal dinners and weddings, in fact, we love doing them since it’s such a happy occasion to see two people tie the knot. If you’re looking for catering services that are delicious and not-so-nutritious for your wedding or your rehearsal dinner, then our BBQ catering services are exactly what you need at your wedding. After all, there’s nothing more Texas than BBQ!

What To Know About Catering Your Rehearsal Dinner

So how do you have a rehearsal dinner that people will remember? While the wedding is what you want people to focus on, the rehearsal dinner should still be a priority. After all, it’s your last day as a single person, so you might as well make the most of it. When you’re planning a rehearsal dinner, you’ll want to focus on a few things such as the theme, the tone, and who exactly is responsible for picking up the bill, all of which we’ll go over below.

What’s The Tone Of The Dinner?

What type of night do you want right before your wedding? Do you want to enjoy a laid back rehearsal dinner or do you want something a little more sophisticated? What type of night do you want to have before your wedding? The tone of the dinner can influence the entire event. If you have a nice black-tie event, then it’ll be much more formal. However, if you want to sit back and enjoy the people you love spending time with most in the world, then Not Just Q’s catering services could be the best way to go.

Who Is Hosting And How Much Say Do They Have?

Before you begin to plan anything, it’s best to figure out who is responsible for the rehearsal dinner. Traditionally, it’s the groom’s family who takes to pay for the rehearsal dinner. However, we live in 2018, so tradition isn’t always the way people lean. The bride’s family can fund the dinner or the couple can fund it together because they are paying for everything. Even the couple’s family could come together and pay for everything. Whatever works best for you, but it’s important that you know who is paying, where it’s going to be, and how much say does the person paying have? That way you can eliminate miscommunication and uncomfortable situations since it’s all planned out.

Themes Are Encouraged!

Lastly, what type of Texas shindig is it without a theme? Do you want to incorporate something that means a lot to you and your soon-to-be-spouse or do you want to go the easier route? You can enjoy a barbecue with Not Just Q hosting or you can have a picnic outside with some delicious catered food that is purely Texas.

If you’re interested in trying out catering services for any type of special occasion or just because, then take the time to contact us today.