Food is typically the star of any event, so finding the best catering services is important.

From weddings and anniversary parties to graduation and birthdays — when we celebrate — we celebrate with food. Food is the highlight of parties and the reason why people sometimes come to an event! Give your family and friends one more reason to celebrate with you and choose a catering service that leaves their mouths watering!

We’re in Dallas, and what do Texans enjoy even more than college football? Barbeque! There are family arguments over who has the best BBQ! Settle the debate by catering Not Just Q BBQ for your next event! Food is important, don’t mess it up and explore with us in today’s post the best tips for choosing the leading catering company!

How to Ensure You Choose the Best Catering 

Finding a great catering company with mouthwatering food can be harder than you think. If you aren’t convinced that Not Just Q is the perfect choice for catering, take these tips to help you find a great option — and see why we’re the best! 

Ask around.

Finding a catering company for your next event can be as simple as asking around. Talk to your neighbor whose son just got married about who they chose, or see who catered your friend’s retirement party. People will tell you immediately who they like (ahem Not Just Q) and who to avoid!

Find a catering company that can handle your event.

There is a big difference in your food needs at a small, intimate gathering of 20 or 30 people compared to a large wedding where the guest list tops 300+, so ensure that the catering service you’re looking into can handle both small and large crowds. Always ask in-depth questions about what their presentation looks like and if they’re able to stay within your budget. At Not Just Q, we’re happy to tailor our services based on your event, whether you need BBQ catered in for your family reunion or a huge company picnic. We even have a BBQ food truck available for those bigger events that you want to spice up. 

Find a caterer that is invested in your event.

When it comes to high-performing catering companies, the ones that shine all have this in common — they respond to and are invested in your event. All catering companies claim to have the best food and freshest ingredients, but when it comes to communication, they let their end go stale. So, when you first make contact, observe their communication with you and how invested they are to meet your needs. At Not Just Q, we love sharing our craft and making any every event we cater feel special. 

Find a catering company with a robust contract.

A catering company needs to provide you with an airtight contract that spells out their services in-depth. This will include the beverages, food, and services that will be provided on the day of the event. The contract will have the listed details about the exact menu that will be provided, the amount of food that is available based on the number of guests, and all the pricing on additional services or charges.

The most important thing is to be on the same page as the caterer — are you expecting a plated dinner or are paper plates and plastic cutlery suitable? Also, touch base about the number of staff members that will be available that day. 

Finding a catering company that meets your standards can be difficult, but when you know what to look for and the right questions to ask, you’ll end up with an amazing event! The Not Just Q crew are here to help you set up the right catering for your event.

For the leading BBQ catering in the DFW area, reach out today.