Give your guests what they really want

You could have your traditional plated chicken breasts with green beans and maybe a side of potatoes, or your could have Not Just Q. Not your traditional BBQ, but so much more.

From our brisket to the turkey and ribs, we transform your event into a BBQ party, filled with flavors and tastes so bold, you may want to think twice about who the star of the party really is. Okay, we won’t really steal the spotlight, but we can’t promise that uncle Bill won’t be talking about the dinner he had for the next couple of years.

Bringing the best BBQ in the DFW directly to your event, it is our goal to show you what BBQ is really about, making you question everything else you’ve eaten before now. From weddings to corporate catering events and even your tailgating party, Not Just Q will be there to satisfy your BBQ cravings with our event catering. Whether you are in the mood for chicken, brisket, ribs, or turkey, our selection of high-quality meats and sides make all other options look weak. Mastering the art of smoking, we combine traditional recipes and spice things up with our special blends, presenting you with unique dishes that leave you wanting more.

If you are looking for the one way to make your event a night nobody will forget, look no further than Not Just Q. For more information about our event catering and prices, get in touch with us today. We look forward to bringing you the best BBQ catering in town.