The food at events can be an occasion to let loose and get heaping piles of tasty morsels on your plate and when you employ Not Just Q that’s exactly what you’ll get. When you decide to hire our BBQ catering company, you’ll have no reason to wonder whether people love the food. You’ll know by their sauce-covered fingers, second and third helpings, and the little noises of satisfaction they make when they eat another piece of BBQ. Don’t you want your event to be filled with satisfaction, full bellies, and so many compliments it’ll make your head spin? We thought so, which is why we wanted to help you figure out how to budget an event. Whether you’re a large corporation and you want to have a BBQ-catered business event or you’re a small wedding reception that wants to make sure your guests have a great time, we’re able to help you figure out your budget and ensure you stay within your parameters.

Our Budget Options

What sets us apart from other BBQ catering companies that may be in your area is that we go above and beyond to fulfill the needs of our customer. We shape our budgeting options based on the financial and other needs of the customer. If you seek out BBQ catering company for your event, then you probably love BBQ as much as we do. This means that as long as we’re available we’ll be able to shape a budget to your necessities and ensure you have the catering event that will be talked about for some time. Our budgeting option is based on recommending the best option for your budget. We decide the budget based on the size and the request. Once we’ve established the size and the request, we’ll work with you to decide what the best route is for your event. We will bring great, delicious food to you at a competitive rate.

We Will Work With You

We strive to work with each customer who comes to us by finding a budget that works for you. From the small wedding party to the large business corporation, we’ll work with you to figure out the number of people who will need tasty BBQ. We have two trucks, which gives us the ability to stretch out across Dallas. These trucks fulfill multiple gigs at the exact same time so we can make sure to get to everyone who wants to enjoy BBQ. The trucks that we have is stationary at the event and we can make drop offs to our customers when need be.

Everyone Should Have Access To Delicious BBQ

We believe that everyone should have access to BBQ. Due to this belief, we strive to work with an event of any size so we can share our love of BBQ with fellow passionate eaters. For each customer who comes to us, we’ll go above and beyond when we’re available. We’re proud to bring great food to people who are passionate about BBQ at a competitive rate.