Sausage: $15 per pound

Chicken: Half $ or full $14

Turkey:  $17

Ribs: Half $15 or full $22

Pork:  $15

Brisket: $18

Meat sampler choice of 3 meats

2 meat sampler for $15
3/4 pound $18

Rib Plates:

$11 for 1/3 pound
$15 for 1/2 pound

Mmmmm, can you smell that? That’s the delicious smell of tantalizing, smoky BBQ. Can you hear the sizzling of the grill and hear the laughter of the people enjoying some flavorful BBQ? Regardless of the type of event you’ve decided to host, you’ll be getting all of the compliments for the catering option you’ve decided upon to present to your guests. After all, everyone enjoys a good BBQ meal. Just Not Q is a business dedicated to giving people exquisite tastes of BBQ that are authentic and fulfilling. We don’t believe in serving BBQ with that too sweet out of the bottle sauce or meat that’s not thick and juicy. We’ll offer your guests BBQ that’s hand cooked, home made, and an American staple. By presenting appetizing flavors and favorable dishes, you won’t go wrong when you choose Just Not Q. We offer a variety of different options to choose from and we have a fantastic catering menu for any type of event from corporate meetings, weddings, or even a small get-together for friends who want to enjoy some great conversation and food.

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If you’re interested in taking advantage of our BBQ catering menu, then we’re able to work with you. What sets us apart from other catering companies, is the fact that we go above and beyond for our customers. Whether you’ve stopped by our food truck or have gone to an event where we’ve catered, you’ll surely notice that we strive to offer authentic food with a megawatt smile. Our menu is not overpriced and we don’t serve food that’s anything less than what we represent. We aren’t your typical catering company. We aren’t your typical restaurant. And we’re definitely not your regular fast food. We’re able to work with you to fulfill your expectations for your event. Regardless of your budget, we’ll do what we can to work with you. If you have a huge event or a small one, we’ll present your guests with top-notch down home BBQ. Check out our BBQ catering menu below and let us know how we can cater your event.